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Entertainment Application

If you are interested in performing at the Fair on the Square 2024, please submit the form below before March 25th. Alternatively, you may download the form, linked here, and submit it to

Performers will be chosen based on the 20th Century Club's desire to provide a wide range of performances of interest to those attending the Fair. If your group is selected, we will try to schedule you at your preferred day and time, but that may not be possible. Only the Collierville sound system will be provided. The artist may provide MP3 or wav files on a USB hard drive (PC) or USB flash drive. OR Artist may provide audio on tablet, phone, laptop, or other device equipped with a 3.5mm headphone output. (Note: For iPhone 7 and other devices that require a device-specific adapter to outfit it with a headphone output, artist must provide adapter) Professional or consumer audio equipment with RCA, 1/4", or XLR outputs are also acceptable. CDRs are acceptable but discouraged as they are an unreliable medium. Please note, this is an unpaid performance.

Amount of Performance Time (Minutes)
Amount of Set-Up Time Needed (Minutes)

Thanks for applying! We’ll be in touch soon.

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